Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mosaic Tile Tub Surround: Broken Tile

Finally--after numerous finger/knuckle slices, I've got this thing grouted with linen and white grout and sealed once. I tried to keep the thing lighter at the top since this bathroom is tiny. If I would of tried harder, I could of more randomly gradiated the dark and light together, but I was getting exasperated at all this expanse that needed filled in! I went back later and put some cowrie shells for a top border (not finished yet) and an occasional black marble--to let me know where the wall studs are--just in case I need to remember later.
So, here's who I can thank!
Ron Fox, tileman--for a lot of pieces of light colored tile (most of the expanse). Thank you so much--I owe you!
Belva--colored and dark tile odds and ends.
Tegan and Bailey--pebbles from their beaches that I picked up while visiting.
Brigham--the use of 30 brass bullet casings.
Jill--some of her mom's necklace beads/faux pearls.
Sarah's Treasures--beads and some colorful plates that I hammered to pieces.
Clay's--for encouragement.
My garage--various metal pieces that will probably rust later and spoil things.
Home Depot, Manhattan--mortar and grout.
Menards, Manhattan--sealer.

Mistakes have been made here and there, but it took way longer than I'd planned and it's not nearly as 'overboard' as I thought it was becoming--once the grout calmed down all those lines. I recommend not rubbing your hand across this thing swiftly--somewhere there's still a sharp edge! More info on earlier posts...

.There is a little blue crab waving in the corner, a frog face, a fish, a set of eyes, and 2 kitty faces hidden too!

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